Good Luck and Good Economy

I picked a cabbage from my garden at 10:30 AM yesterday to cook for lunch with my black eye peas, deer hot tamales, brussel sprouts and cornbread.  Most was from my own yard and that includes the chives, peppers, parsley, cilantro and dill to spice things up.   Sure was tasty! And yes, very traditional.  Instilled by my parents I have not missed the black eye peas and cabbage in all my years on earth.  They say it brings good luck and good economy. And looking back, I have been lucky.  One of the lucky things in my life is to have the desire and the knowledge to grow a cabbage as pretty as the one shown.  For a number of future blogs in 2012 I plan on reflecting on some of my good luck.

Besides that delicious lunch I resolve to continue eating healthy, getting out in the fresh air as well as exploring the backwoods and bayous of Louisiana and when I don’t get some other type of exercise. 

A happy, healthy and productive New Year to everyone.  And Happy 200th  birthday to Louisiana.

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