Sunrise on the Gulf

Sunday I had the delight of looking at another hazy Grand Isle sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.  For the past 40 years, I have seen many of these stunning mornings while either photographing, scuba diving or fishing on the coast of Louisiana.  The humid air makes the haze. Then a thundercloud partially hides the sunrise,  thus making this special time of day even more picturesque. 

Sunrise South of Grand Isle
Image# 150607-1289

Just about the time it was full daylight, Jim Roland gets a strike on light weight 10 pound test line while fishing a voodoo shrimp.  He quickly realized it was going to be a fight, which was confirmed 45 minutes later. That's when Macon Roland used the net to help him pull the 29-pound bull red into the boat. That’s a redfish. Jimbo posed while he grinned widely then Jacob Roland gently placed the fish back in the Gulf to breed again. A day well spent in Louisiana’s prolific coastal waters.
Big Red