Geaux Tigers

I have never drunk a cup of coffee, for after my grandmother gave me a teaspoon taste of hers, I never went back for seconds. Tea is my morning ritual and I take it with honey. Lucky, lucky me got a Honey Badger jug of honey for Christmas.  Honey they say is a good defense against allergies.  LSU Honey Badger is a good defensive man against all other football teams.

Life will be close to normal after Monday and I’ll get back to stories about the birds and the bees, recreation and the environment.  A taste of one of my next ones is seen here under this LSU Championship banner.  It’s a giant hole filled with leaves and grass clipping, 762 bags so far.  In one of those bags I collected street side in Baton Rouge was this flag.  I deposited the leaves in my hole and saved the flag around the end of August.  It has stayed right there guarding the ever filling hole and watching LSU go 13 and 0. After LSU wins its forth National Championship I’ll tell you more about the hole.

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