Although it is 15 days until official spring, I say it is here now.  At least it is in Baton Rouge where the azaleas are in full bloom and also in West Feliciana Parish where the dogwoods are bursting in their white splendor. Not everybody is warm, for I know my friend Renny Russell at 8,000 feet in the northern New Mexico Mountains is still knee deep in snow.

I love the azaleas for photography for they are such a captive subject and in so many colors ranging from pure white to deep red.  I encourage students in my workshops to look for subjects like this so they can practice their technique and composition. It helps before a big trip in the Atchafalaya Basin or the Grand Canyon.

Multi-colored Azaleas

Another indicator to the blooming season is my chickens. They get stingy in the winter and slow way down in their egg laying duties. December through late February I was getting one egg every other day, three to four a week out of 7 full size hens and 4 bantam hens. That’s hardly enough yolk to make a joke. A few days ago they popped back into high gear and we are eating our fill and giving eggs away to friends again. There is a variety in my hen house from the calm Buff Orpington laying light brown eggs to the sassy Araucana laying blue eggs.  I have a lot of shades of brown eggs and tiny white eggs from my bantams.  All good.

Colorful mix of fresh eggs

On the way to the office to post this blog, I passed a neighbor’s pasture and saw a new born filly stand for the first time, nurse and run with her mother.  Amazing for only a few hours old. 

Filly standing up for the first time

After I took photographs and started for the truck, I heard honking high above and saw an undulating V of snow geese heading due north.  Yes, spring is in the air.

Flock of snow geese heading north