Digital Photography at the Manship

Image 130621-0522
CC Lecture at the Manship Theatre Photo by Kelly Tate

Last Friday we had a great crowd of digital nature photographers at the Manship Theatre.  It is truly a wonderful venue to sit and watch anything on that stage.  I told the crowd I was humbled to show my images on the same platform as Jessie Winchester, BeauSoleil and other fine musicians. I pointed out the four things that go into a good photograph and in my opinion that is equipment, technique, composition and location.  Once you accomplish that you need to always be ready and look and wait for the good light. Then wonderful photographs will dance off your memory cards.

After the lecture and a few door prizes that Nikon Professional Services offered, we went up to the Manship Gallery where the Louisiana Photographic Society exhibited some of their work along with images from Steve Uffman and I. The exhibit will run until July 30th.  To the attendees, get out in nature and keep on clicking.

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