A 200 Year Old Flag

I had a great meeting at the State Capitol last Thursday to plan the unveiling of my “Flat Lake Sunset” photograph on its release date which will be April 30th, Louisiana’s two hundredth birthday.  Etta Smith of the United States Postal Service in Washington, DC was there as well as Sarah Augustine, Baton Rouge’s Postmaster.  Michael Wynne, Shelia McCant, and Randy Haynie  of The Bicentennial Commission also were in attendance.

The big treat was seeing a United States flag Randy found at an auction.  It was made in 1812.  It is one of only two US flags made that year that are still in existence.  Etta Smith of the USPS  posed with me and this priceless heirloom.

CC with Etta Smith holding a 200 year old United States flag

The bald cypress trees in my photograph could be over 100 years old, perhaps 200, as they grow slow when submerged year around.  It’s quite an honor to have a picture of my favorite place associated with Louisiana’s celebration of 200 years of statehood.

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