Acme Book Co. 1981

While preparing for the upcoming LPB screening on August 17th of my 1977 film Atchafalaya: America's Largest River Basin Swamp, I have been finding all kinds of old memorabilia. One that brings back fond memories is a monthly newsletter that Acme Book Co. issued before my first autograph party for my premier book.  It too was on the Atchafalaya and came out 4 years after the film.

Acme Book Co. Newsletter Cover July 1981

Acme Book Co. was a unique bookstore owned and operated by Larry Fisher.  And on that day in 1981 I was dumbfounded to find a crowd of fifty folks waiting for my autograph, a pot of gumbo, beer, caviar, champagne, and a Cajun combo…fiddle and all.  These were pre Barnes and Noble days when bookstore owners were always in the shop and knew their customers by name. Charles Elliott also had a great independent bookstore called Elliot's. Claudette Price ran the bookstore at Godchaux's.  Claitor’s had a very nice private bookstore in the shopping center where I had my first gallery. There were a few more and it's sad to say that Danny Plaisance of Cottonwood Books is the only independent bookseller left. 

So, here is to beer and gumbo and Acme Book Co...what a way to present my first book.

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