Japanese Magnolias

Boom, a burst of pink and purple brightens the streets of Baton Rouge.  The Japanese Magnolias are ready to erupt any day now in these wild colors contrasting starkly with the browns and grays of winter vegetation. Soon, you will be able to see some of my favorite trees on Highland Road.  The bloom is late in my book, as I have seen them pop out as early as January 8th in warmer years.  South Louisiana has had two cold winters sandwiching a hot dry summer of 2010. Pretty weird that we had no freezes or frost in the winter of 2008/09, then about 20 last year and are working on 20 this year too.  These have been cold hard freezes for the south; my birdbath has had an inch of ice on it five times this winter.  Last year we had two 5 inch snows.

Weather though is one of my tools. As a nature photographer weather along with light makes or breaks a photograph. A colleague of mine says that there has been a picture taken of everything in nature. (Except for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker) I won’t totally agree with that, but you do need some spectacular light and great technique to get a different rendition of a great egret or a grove of bald cypress trees. Rain, wind, cold or snow makes it hard on the cameras and the body, but that’s when you need to be out there working the many beautiful habitats of Louisiana.  

Finally some color is on its way. Get ready for spring.
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