Malaysian Tiger at BR Zoo

On a cool morning in March I accompanied the Baton Rouge Zoo’s general curator Sam Winslow to a temporary cage holding three Malaysian Tigers.  My goal was a great picture for the 40th anniversary commemorative poster to help celebrate the zoo and the new Realm of the Tiger exhibit.  Earlier I had asked Sam if I could get in the cage with the three feline sisters.  He laughed and said, “No way, they would tear you up”. 

So to make my job more difficult I had to shoot through the bars.  This requires the camera lens to be right up to the cage so the bars would be so out of focus they would not show up in the picture.  The curious tigers came right to me and leaped onto the bars throwing up sand from their paws and all over my equipment.  It just goes to show wildlife photography is never easy, not even in a zoo.

It took patience to capture two of the sisters in front of the vegetation Sam had set up.  Finally, with a well-timed click I got the photo used in the poster.  I support the Baton Rouge Zoo and donated my time and expertise to supply Phil Frost, Zoo Director, with this photograph.  STUN Design designed the poster and Franklin Press printed it. 

Support our Zoo by visiting the new Realm of the Tiger and by buying a poster in their gift shop.  The Baton Rouge Zoo is a great place to visit and 100% of all funds received from the sale of the print will support field conservation of tigers in Asia.

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